We're Seth, Laine & Paisley Sutherland and we're stoked you decided to browse around our blog a bit.
We started this blog so that we had a space to share our stories and adventures. 

We were both born and raised in South Africa. We moved to Canada and settled in North Vancouver in February 2020 just before the pandemic hit. It's been a challenging time for us, but we have loved exploring a new country. We moved to Vancouver Island in October 2020 so that Seth could become a volunteer firefighter & complete his fire fighter training in Parksville.

  1. Our favourite adventures are the unplanned ones - just jumping in the car and seeing where the road takes us.
  2. Seth is a qualified shoe & fashion designer and wannabe firefighter.
  3. Laine designs pretty things for fun.
  4. Paisley has a talent for drawing, coloring and board games. Her favourite thing in the world is flowers.
  5. We have two cats. Mishke is an old Siamese girl and Bartleby is a wild Siamese x black cat.